Use Your Voice

Connect with Stand Up 4 Public Schools

It is important to remember that YOU are the backbone of this campaign. Let your friends, family, community members, and professional colleagues know that you are standing up for public education and encourage them to do the same.


Use these 4 steps to Stand Up 4 Public Schools:

1. “Like” us on Facebook and post this message:

I am standing for our public schools!

2. Follow @4PublicSchools on Twitter and tweet this message right now:

I am standing up @4publicschools as every child deserves a world-class #education

3. Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photo to highlight your commitment for standing up for public schools:

Simply right click and download this graphic to save and post it as your profile picture.

4. Discuss pressing matters facing public schools on MindMixer.


Social Media Powers Stand Up

You can boost the campaign by utilizing your social networks to share and promote your positive messages about public education.

Successful social media initiatives:

  • Are focused and have a clear message or requested action;
  • Are engaging and will encourage others to connect and share;
  • Stand out from the crowd with a unique, relevant, and powerful message that will draw attention;
  • Share your personal story and passion; and
  • Add photos, graphics and videos when posting to help highlight your message.

A message posted on social media can be very powerful and can quickly go viral. Just think … if you have 300 friends and if each of your friends shares your message with their 300 friends, it is possible for your message to be viewed by 90,000 individuals within a matter of hours!

Additionally, utilize blogs, post videos, and promote on other popular social media networks to spread the word about the ways in which you are taking a stand for public schools.